This coming Friday I get to celebrate my 21st birthday! This is usually a really big deal to most college students because obviously nobody ever drinks under the age of 21 (total sarcasm).

However, I am not excited due to the fact that I can now legally drink….okay maybe a little. I am excited because since I am the last of my friends to turn 21, that means everyone will get to celebrate with me. I am also excited because two of my friends from back home (CT) will be driving up to spend the weekend with me. The fact that I have friends driving up is awesome. Of the last three years here at Plymouth I have ever only had 1 friend come up to visit me, and that was an ex-boyfriend my freshman year. People always make say they will make plans to come up and visit but it never happens, and now that I have a couple friends coming up this weekend and I am so excited.

So, how will I spend my birthday weekend?


8am: class.

Try and get homework finished.

6:30pm: go to Men’s Hockey game.

Hang with friends & wait for midnight to come around.


12:00am: go to bar, have first legal drink.


Get my birthday sandwich from Biederman’s.

The rest of the night is TBD.

I haven’t gone out and acted like a typical college kid much this semester, so it will be nice to let loose, relax, and have a good time with friends. I’m ready to see what all the hype is about turning 21. 


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