Let go.

In an attempt to get away from post election day drama, life, and responsibilities for a little while- I went for a hike.

My friend and I decided to hike Rattlesnake yesterday; this was a first for both of us. Seeing as I’m a senior at Plymouth, I feel as though it was about time to cross, “hiking Rattlesnake”, off my PSU bucket list. Better late than never, right?

I love being outdoors and enjoying nature. However, I’m not an avid hiker, so Rattlesnake was the perfect hike for me. The climb was pretty easy, and the view at the top was absolutely  beautiful. I could have stayed there all day to just take everything in.

With all the post election day drama on social media and everything else going on in life, this was the perfect way to just relax and enjoy being in the moment. We came across other hikers and everyone was so friendly. It gave me hope that soon everyone can accept their differences and get along again. These people didn’t know us and we didn’t know them, yet every encounter was friendly and pleasant, some even stopped to engage in small conversations. It was a great feeling.

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When I was at the top of that mountain, everything that might have been bothering me prior to the climb had somehow disappeared. It was as though nothing mattered but being there in that moment and experiencing the beauty of the world. It was as though I was being overcome with complete serenity, it was amazing. Being up at the top of the mountain made it so easy to just let go. 


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