Election Day…

Tomorrow is November 8th… Election Day, here are my thoughts on how this election has impacted society.

This Presidential Election has been everything but pretty. Both nominees managed to make not only each other, but themselves look bad on numerous accounts. This election has also managed to split the country in two: red vs. blue.

I’ve noticed that people who once were friends are now considered enemies, and that is just silly. We don’t always agree with what our friends do, why does who they want for President change anything? Isn’t the point of being friends with someone, is to accept them for who they are? It’s as if having differing opinions is suddenly a bad thing. Who knew we are all expected to think and feel the same way about everything!? Not. Things would get boring and nothing would get accomplished if everyone thought the same way.

This election has managed to bring out the ugly in people. People feel the need to classify and group all followers of a candidate together in a negative and derogatory way. Just because someone chooses to back one candidate over the other, it doesn’t give others the right to compare them to everyone else who follows that candidate. And this goes for both sides.

Nobody seems to be focusing on the good that their candidate can do, instead everyone is worried about why the country would be screwed if either of them became President. It would be nice to have a discussion on the positives of both candidates, rather than ripping into someone because they “want the wrong one”. What happened to respecting others and their opinions?

Yes, I have my thoughts. And yes, I agree with a lot of the stuff that people say. But I choose not to voice my opinion a majority of the time. I don’t want people to look at me differently based off who I am going to vote for. I want people to look at me, for me. Just as I don’t look at people differently for who they are going to vote for. I will however, change my opinion of them based on how they treat others who have different opinions. So, it really comes down to the saying, ” treat others the way you want to be treated”. If you show respect, I will respect you. Don’t belittle me or anyone who’s opinion is different than yours.

What really bothers me is how much the media impacts people’s thoughts. It is as if they don’t want us thinking for ourselves. They feed us what they want and we’re supposed to believe it. The media is why so many people fight over this election. Instead of knowing facts, everyone thinks that talking about a news story tells them everything they need to know. Well, they’re wrong. If you get your information from the media, you should really consider doing some actual research. I attended two rallies for my candidate, and then I read articles and saw news reports about both rallies. What I saw in person, and what the media portrayed were two completely different stories. Don’t let the media influence your thoughts. Think for yourself, that’s what they are afraid of.

Remember, it is important to vote, it is our right. If you don’t vote, you don’t have the right to complain about who becomes President. And no matter who you vote for, vote with pride and respect others. How you treat others says more about you, than it does about them. Before you go and tear into someone for thinking differently than you, ask yourself if that is how you want yourself to be seen. If not, find a more productive way about dealing with your differences.


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