The little things Pt. 2

Last week I talked about how I was going home during Halloween Weekend, to surprise my little brother for his 10th birthday.

The weekend was a blast!

Summary of Events:


  • Drive from NH to CT
  • Surprise brother


  • Do homework
  • Go gift shopping
  • Mom made favorite dinner: Homemade Chili & pumpkin pie
  • Played ” Pie Face” with brother


  • Surprise brother with Haunted Graveyard
  • Get turned into a zombie by Tyler Green
  • Go on rides


  • Brother opens gifts
  • Go to watch brother’s, friend’s, football game
  • Sit in the trunk of Mom’s car
  • Dress up like a unicorn with Maggie
  • Eat cake


  • Drive from CT to NH


My mom learned my Meme’s chili recipe and makes it for me whenever I’m home. Which is a treat because Meme only made it once a year! She also made me a pumpkin pie because, well, its my favorite!

My brother bought the game Pie Face … whatever number your spinner lands on, is the amount of times you turn the dial, you then get to wait anxiously to see if you get whip cream smashed in your face or not. It was a fun, messy, and delicious game!

If you’ve ever watched FaceOff on FX, you probably know who Tyler Green is. I didn’t know him until this weekend. At the Haunted Graveyard I entered a raffle and was 1 of 3 people chosen to get a “Zombie Makeover” by Tyler Green. It was interesting to say the least. The Haunted Graveyard itself was made up of 14 different “houses”…scary!

My brother wanted to go to his friend’s playoff football game so that’s what we did on his birthday. On the way home we had to bring his friend’s family since they needed a ride…I was sooo nice and volunteered to sit in the trunk of my mom’s jeep. I was squished to say the least.

My friend and I had agreed upon buying unicorn onesies and dressing up as them on Halloween. Since I was not going to be home for Halloween, we dressed up the night before. Why? Well, why not?! We also got to enjoy my brother’s ice cream cake…it was shaped like a football and had those chocolate cookie crumbles on the top!

So, it is safe to say that my weekend was a success. Remember, it’s the little things


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