Don’t Forget to Remember…

Last week was not my week.

Tuesday I showed up to a class unaware of the fact that we had an assignment due, I felt like an idiot. I also forgot to submit the link for last weeks blog post which I had completed early in the week, felt like a bigger idiot. Remembering things just wasn’t going well for me.

Instead of getting worked up and upset over the fact that I had missed not one but two assignments last week, I took it as a learning experience.

  1. Remember to check Moodle daily
  2. Double check Moodle
  3. Make sure all assignments are completed and submitted
  4. Double check assignments
  5. Triple check just incase

I was not happy with the fact that I missed two assignments, but at least I know I won’t make that mistake again! Luckily I have the whole rest of the semester to make sure I don’t slack on my grades!

I realized that I’ve been getting too caught up in things and I’m not taking the time to step back and relax. I’ve basically been running around like a chicken with its head cut off and I don’t even know why, my life isn’t that busy, it’s actually quite laid back and relaxing.

I just have to remember to take each day as it comes, relax a little bit, and don’t forget to remember the simple things.


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