My Monday was as cliche’ as a Monday could be…But I’m grateful.

I should have known from the start that yesterday (9/26) was going to be a dreadful day.

I woke up in a panic at 9:50am. My first class started in 20 minutes, and I’m usually out the door at 10:00am. My alarm was set for the proper time, 9:05am, but was set for Tuesday..It was Monday. It was fairly easy to get ready; quickly throw on yesterday’s sweats, find a clean shirt, brush teeth, throw hair up, and call it a day. Somehow I managed to make it to class on time. It was my ‘skating for fitness’ class. We played corn hole on the ice… it was interesting. Every time the beanbag hit the board, the board slid back an inch or two. Needless to say it was fun, even though we didn’t do the skating we were supposed to do after each game…oops.

That was my only class for the day, so I figured the rest of the day would be a breeze…Oh, was I wrong. Very wrong.

Pulling back into the driveway at my apartment my car bottomed out… as always. Our driveway sucks at getting into and out of. But if you ask the landlord, it’s either the town’s fault for not fixing the road or it’s our fault for not knowing how to drive on the crappy drive way…basically asking non-4wheel drive cars, to go off roading every time we pull in or out of the driveway. Anyways, as I go to park I noticed my brakes felt funny. I don’t know much about cars, but I know when mine doesn’t feel right. Not knowing what was wrong, I turned the car off, turned it back on, put it in reverse, and took it for a quick spin around the circle of road that surrounds my apartment. It still didn’t feel right, if anything it felt worse.

I knew there was a car shop/gas station on Main Street so I decided to bring it there. I knew this was a risky call, seeing as it took my car a good three feet to come to a full stop. I get to the shop and explain that my brakes felt “weird”. The worker asked if they felt “spongy”. I don’t know? I just know they didn’t feel right, and apparently weren’t working right either. He had me turn my car on and get out so he could step on the brakes and see what I meant by,  ” feeling weird”. He agreed they didn’t feel normal and then had me switch places with him. I pressed the brake and he looked under the car.

He found the problem.


And at that same moment in big bold letters…

*BRAKE FLUID* flashed up on my dash.

I jump out of the car only to find  brake fluid gushing from near my right front tire. Great, just great. The man then proceeds to tell me how they don’t currently do work on cars there but up at their other location on they do. “You’re alright with leaving your car here, so they can tow it up there and get a better look at it?” he asks, I responded with, ” I don’t really have much of a choice now, do I?”, “No, I guess you’re right”. I left my keys along with my contact information, and walked home.

On my walk home I called my parents, only to get both answering machines. I left them each a message letting them know what happened and told them to get back to me when they could. During my walk I realized how badly my drive could have ended. Not only could I have hurt myself, I could have hurt someone else. Driving that car was not a good idea, if only I knew that before hand… I went to go speak with the landlord about how angry I was and see about getting the driveway fixed, but at this time my mom called back.

I explained everything, from the crappy driveway to the drive to the car shop, which ended in me freaking out about what could have happened while driving the car. She calmed me down saying that it’s only a car and can be fixed, the only thing that mattered was that I was okay. Physically I was great, mentally I was a complete wreck. I was so rattled at this point that I decided not to go talk to the landlord, I just went home and curled up in bed. Later on I had spoken to my mom again about how the car was going to get paid for and what not. The mechanic at the shop called me with the estimate-which was a lot cheaper than I expected- I questioned her about the tow and she told me that they weren’t going to charge me for the tow, which I thought was very nice. My parents were even so generous to deposit money into my bank account so I could pay for the repairs.

Now let me wrap this us.

I am grateful that nobody, including myself got injured, as someone could have easily been injured while I was driving with no brakes.

I am grateful for the shop for not charging me for towing, that easily could have been another hundred dollars at least.

I am grateful for my parents, for being there for me when I need them. For them giving me money to pay for the repairs, they could have easily turned this into a ” life lesson” but they didn’t they helped me out.

I am grateful for whoever was watching over me yesterday.

Lastly, I am grateful that my brakes decided to go now, and not at the end of October when I drive 4 hours to go home to Connecticut to surprise my little brother on his 10th birthday.

Bad things happen, but they could always be worse.


Photo Credit: here




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