New Adventures & New Pets

I have often found myself bored with nothing to do when I’m not at class or working, usually I end up watching Netflix or taking a nap. I figured it was time I did something spontaneous to save me from my boredom.  What better way than to go out and spend $100+ on new pets!?

My boyfriend has a couple of degus, they are adorable little rodents, I explain them as “mini chinchillas”. I will explain more on them later but if you want to know more right now, click here: ( yes it’s a wikipedia post, but its better than nothing) . I have been tired of seeing his snapchats of his degus because quite frankly, I want some of my own.

Alright, story time:


After a regular trip to Walmart with my friends, I asked if we could stop at the pet store on the way back. I was curious to see if they had the adorable little rodents that I wanted so badly. Guess what?! They did! They had two babies, they’re sisters*.  I couldn’t get them right away because I needed to free space in the fish tank I currently was using at home..yes, fish tank..don’t worry, I will explain shortly..

After getting the “OK” from my mother, and the landlord to get the little rascals, I went online and ordered a “tank topper”. A tank topper is a cage that goes on top of a fish tank, turing the tank into a rodent cage. I found a picture online which shows exactly what I bought.

I had also bought a wheel, and dust bath. As chinchillas do, degus bathe themselves in dust baths. I chose to buy these items off of Amazon because they were noticeably cheaper than they were at the pet store, as a college student, I’ll do everything I can to save a few bucks. I even started a free trial of Amazon Prime in order to get free 2-day shipping! Anyways, everything else that I needed to buy -including the degus- were all at the pet store!


So about that fish tank I needed to “make space in”…

I had a fish tank currently being called “home” by a few fish and a couple snails, but lately the fish had been beating on each other -which resulted in a fishy funeral last week. I figured I would let the pet store “adopt” them back so they can find new homes, maybe now they can get new owners that will have a big enough tank so they don’t feel the need to be so territorial…fingers crossed. The fish were dropped off at the store each in their own little bag, and with that I said my last goodbyes to them..good luck little guys, don’t eat anyone else!

My friend was working so she knew exactly why I was there, she told me she was going to bring the fish to the back (where the other fish are), and then she would get me my fur babies! While she took care of the fish I went and collected the rest of the items I needed; degu food, a chewable hut -because who doesn’t want to eat the thing they live in?- a water bottle, and a bowl to put the dust bath in. I assembled everything onto the counter and got ready to meet my new little pets. She asked me if I wanted to hold them before she put them in their “to go box”, I wanted to say “no” just so I could hurry out of there and get them home, but I figured I should probably meet them before I took them away from the only place they’ve known for the last 2 months. They climbed all over me and I got a little overwhelmed over the fact that there was only one of me to control the two of them.

*Like I had stated earlier, I was originally told they were sisters…well, their mother had been previously sold and they didn’t know she was pregnant. When the owner brought the babies back she had told them that they were boys, someone at the pet store checked and said they were girls…both myself and my friend -the one who sold them to me- think they are boys. So for now, until further notice, they are boys, Gizmo and Gadget.


One of my fur babies

My latest spontaneous adventure, landed me with two little adorable fur babies, I’ve only had them for 4 days now, and I am already in love with them. Once they get more familiar with me, I will start teaching them tricks and commands- did I mention they are very smart??

Just live each day as it comes, and maybe you too will end up with a cute new pet or two.

p.s they talk to each other at night and it is the  cutest little squeak.


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