Life’s Simple, People Make It Complicated.

This week’s inspiration was given to me by my boyfriend during a text conversation we had last week. He had asked me a sarcastic question-which I took seriously- who can really tell over text?? He thought my response was interesting but had told me he was only joking. This didn’t surprise me because most of our conversations [in person] are filled with sarcasm and witty remarks.img_9240

Above is a screenshot from part of our conversation (clearly spell check wasn’t working in his favor). His comment,“Life’s simple people make it complicated”, really made me think, and it is absolutely true. I could relate this to so many different things, but the main topic that stands out most to me personally ,is our relationship. I’ll give you quick little backstory:

  • Met at work over the summer
  • Ended up liking each other
  • Boy goes to school in England
  • Girl goes to school in New Hampshire (duh)
  • Still managing to like each other despite 3,130 miles of distance

I realized that even though we are so far away from each other we have not let that bother us, and we somehow manage to make it feel like we don’t have 3 thousand miles between us. Which brings me back to “Life’s simple people make it complicated”, things have been simple because we aren’t  looking to make it complicated (which could have been really easy to do).

We aren’t looking for little things to argue or worry about, we aren’t going into everyday thinking that it isn’t going to work. We are staying positive, taking it day by day, and hoping for the best. And that’s how I try to live everyday no matter what the situation is. If you stay positive, and don’t sweat the little things, life will seem to come a lot easier.

Remember, when you’re having a bad day and nothing seems to be going right, take a step back and try changing your mindset. Sometimes it just takes a moment to breathe, be positive, and your luck might just turn around. Like someone once told me, Life is simple, people make it complicated.


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