It’s not destination, it’s the journey.

How many of us get involved in something, whether it be a relationship, a club, a sports team, etc., and get too interested in what the outcome will be, instead of thinking about the things that will make whatever it is, successful?

The JourneyLink to photo here.

Many times I have found myself getting caught up in what I expect the outcome to be rather than focusing on what I have to do in order to get there. How do I except to be successful if I don’t have a plan?

If we go into something with an outcome in mind but without a plan, we are just setting ourselves up for disappointment. In order to achieve a goal we need a plan, and then we need to put that plan into action. We can’t except a good outcome if we don’t put in effort to get there.

In the end, we may find that our expectations were set a little too high or maybe not high enough. Sometimes the outcome was not what we expected, but that doesn’t mean it was bad. Sometimes the outcome is more than we expected, and isn’t that always nice? But what if it was less? Then that means you take what you learned along the way, and find a new way to get what you wanted. It is important to know that  we may have the perfect plan set in place, and sometimes we still don’t get what we want, and that is okay.

Things happen along the way that may force our plan to change. The original plan is not set in stone, and that is important to understand. Life throws curveballs and as long as we don’t let them strike us out, we are all set.

In the end it doesn’t matter where we go, or how we do (well, not always true. But right now pretend it is). What matters is how we got from one point to the other. ” It’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey to get there.”  The destination is always exciting, but how we get there often teaches us so much more, we just need to open our eyes, and take in everything we can. Don’t miss out on opportunities to learn, grow, and have fun, just because you were too focused on how something was “supposed to be”.


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