Don’t go to the library with your friends..

It is currently 9:39pm and I am sitting in a study room on the third floor of the Lamson Library with my friends, Tori and Travis (they gave me permission to use their names). I am learning quickly that coming to the library with them might have been a bad idea…

It has taken me 20 minutes just to type that last paragraph…and another 10 minutes to type this last sentence. I love them, but we have way too much fun when we’re all together. It is very rare that something productive actually happens when the three of us are together.

One hour later and I have two paragraphs written about why I shouldn’t come to the library with my friends, I think I have proven my point. Tori has left and I have had no problem concentrating on my work, I think its safe to say she makes things distracting.

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List of events while at the library:

  • Travis & Tori make fun of me
  • Tori & I make fun of Tori
  • Travis & I make fun of Tori
  • Watch movie trailers
  • Watch music videos
  • Read each other’s horoscopes
  • Eat snacks
  • Spin around in the chairs
  • Talk about work

Needless to say not much work has actually gotten done. I’ve gotten through this post though, so that is a major accomplishment on my part. Aside from taking forever to get anything accomplished, I’ve had a bunch of fun hanging out with these two goofs.

So, if you’re planning on going to the library with your friends:

  1. Make sure you’ll be able to concentrate.
  2. If you can’t concentrate, make sure your work isn’t THAT important…
  3. Have fun
  4. Try to be productive


This coming Friday I get to celebrate my 21st birthday! This is usually a really big deal to most college students because obviously nobody ever drinks under the age of 21 (total sarcasm).

However, I am not excited due to the fact that I can now legally drink….okay maybe a little. I am excited because since I am the last of my friends to turn 21, that means everyone will get to celebrate with me. I am also excited because two of my friends from back home (CT) will be driving up to spend the weekend with me. The fact that I have friends driving up is awesome. Of the last three years here at Plymouth I have ever only had 1 friend come up to visit me, and that was an ex-boyfriend my freshman year. People always make say they will make plans to come up and visit but it never happens, and now that I have a couple friends coming up this weekend and I am so excited.

So, how will I spend my birthday weekend?


8am: class.

Try and get homework finished.

6:30pm: go to Men’s Hockey game.

Hang with friends & wait for midnight to come around.


12:00am: go to bar, have first legal drink.


Get my birthday sandwich from Biederman’s.

The rest of the night is TBD.

I haven’t gone out and acted like a typical college kid much this semester, so it will be nice to let loose, relax, and have a good time with friends. I’m ready to see what all the hype is about turning 21. 


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Be Thankful.

This past week was Thanksgiving, aside from eating way too much I got to spend some nice quality time with my family.

Getting to spend time with family is always nice. Thanksgivings with my family always used to be huge.

Thanksgiving Family List:

  • Mom & Dad
  • Brother
  • Meme & Papa (mom’s side)
  • Mom-mom & Pop-pop (dad’s side)
  • Uncle & Cousin

Unfortunately this list has shrunk over time..

My Meme & Papa moved to Wisconsin at least 5 years ago, and my Pop-pop passed away 2 years ago. It is still awesome to see the family, but things just aren’t the same without everyone.

As I get older I realize how crucial spending time with your family is. Things can happen in an instant and you never know when the last time you see someone will be the last time. I cherish the moments I get with my family, especially since I spend most of my time away at school. I love my family with all my heart, and I try to tell them any chance I get.

In two days it will be 1 year since Mason Cliche passed away..he was a friend of mine as he was to many others, a brother to many, and a son to his wonderful family. His passing makes me cherish the moments I get with my family and friends because I’ve seen what can happen, I’ve seen the hurt that people can feel…The scary thing is, you never know when or what can happen at any given moment.

So be smart, be kind, and tell everyone you love that you love them. If and when you get to spend time with your family and loved ones, be thankful. 

Let go.

In an attempt to get away from post election day drama, life, and responsibilities for a little while- I went for a hike.

My friend and I decided to hike Rattlesnake yesterday; this was a first for both of us. Seeing as I’m a senior at Plymouth, I feel as though it was about time to cross, “hiking Rattlesnake”, off my PSU bucket list. Better late than never, right?

I love being outdoors and enjoying nature. However, I’m not an avid hiker, so Rattlesnake was the perfect hike for me. The climb was pretty easy, and the view at the top was absolutely  beautiful. I could have stayed there all day to just take everything in.

With all the post election day drama on social media and everything else going on in life, this was the perfect way to just relax and enjoy being in the moment. We came across other hikers and everyone was so friendly. It gave me hope that soon everyone can accept their differences and get along again. These people didn’t know us and we didn’t know them, yet every encounter was friendly and pleasant, some even stopped to engage in small conversations. It was a great feeling.

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When I was at the top of that mountain, everything that might have been bothering me prior to the climb had somehow disappeared. It was as though nothing mattered but being there in that moment and experiencing the beauty of the world. It was as though I was being overcome with complete serenity, it was amazing. Being up at the top of the mountain made it so easy to just let go. 

Election Day…

Tomorrow is November 8th… Election Day, here are my thoughts on how this election has impacted society.

This Presidential Election has been everything but pretty. Both nominees managed to make not only each other, but themselves look bad on numerous accounts. This election has also managed to split the country in two: red vs. blue.

I’ve noticed that people who once were friends are now considered enemies, and that is just silly. We don’t always agree with what our friends do, why does who they want for President change anything? Isn’t the point of being friends with someone, is to accept them for who they are? It’s as if having differing opinions is suddenly a bad thing. Who knew we are all expected to think and feel the same way about everything!? Not. Things would get boring and nothing would get accomplished if everyone thought the same way.

This election has managed to bring out the ugly in people. People feel the need to classify and group all followers of a candidate together in a negative and derogatory way. Just because someone chooses to back one candidate over the other, it doesn’t give others the right to compare them to everyone else who follows that candidate. And this goes for both sides.

Nobody seems to be focusing on the good that their candidate can do, instead everyone is worried about why the country would be screwed if either of them became President. It would be nice to have a discussion on the positives of both candidates, rather than ripping into someone because they “want the wrong one”. What happened to respecting others and their opinions?

Yes, I have my thoughts. And yes, I agree with a lot of the stuff that people say. But I choose not to voice my opinion a majority of the time. I don’t want people to look at me differently based off who I am going to vote for. I want people to look at me, for me. Just as I don’t look at people differently for who they are going to vote for. I will however, change my opinion of them based on how they treat others who have different opinions. So, it really comes down to the saying, ” treat others the way you want to be treated”. If you show respect, I will respect you. Don’t belittle me or anyone who’s opinion is different than yours.

What really bothers me is how much the media impacts people’s thoughts. It is as if they don’t want us thinking for ourselves. They feed us what they want and we’re supposed to believe it. The media is why so many people fight over this election. Instead of knowing facts, everyone thinks that talking about a news story tells them everything they need to know. Well, they’re wrong. If you get your information from the media, you should really consider doing some actual research. I attended two rallies for my candidate, and then I read articles and saw news reports about both rallies. What I saw in person, and what the media portrayed were two completely different stories. Don’t let the media influence your thoughts. Think for yourself, that’s what they are afraid of.

Remember, it is important to vote, it is our right. If you don’t vote, you don’t have the right to complain about who becomes President. And no matter who you vote for, vote with pride and respect others. How you treat others says more about you, than it does about them. Before you go and tear into someone for thinking differently than you, ask yourself if that is how you want yourself to be seen. If not, find a more productive way about dealing with your differences.

The little things Pt. 2

Last week I talked about how I was going home during Halloween Weekend, to surprise my little brother for his 10th birthday.

The weekend was a blast!

Summary of Events:


  • Drive from NH to CT
  • Surprise brother


  • Do homework
  • Go gift shopping
  • Mom made favorite dinner: Homemade Chili & pumpkin pie
  • Played ” Pie Face” with brother


  • Surprise brother with Haunted Graveyard
  • Get turned into a zombie by Tyler Green
  • Go on rides


  • Brother opens gifts
  • Go to watch brother’s, friend’s, football game
  • Sit in the trunk of Mom’s car
  • Dress up like a unicorn with Maggie
  • Eat cake


  • Drive from CT to NH


My mom learned my Meme’s chili recipe and makes it for me whenever I’m home. Which is a treat because Meme only made it once a year! She also made me a pumpkin pie because, well, its my favorite!

My brother bought the game Pie Face … whatever number your spinner lands on, is the amount of times you turn the dial, you then get to wait anxiously to see if you get whip cream smashed in your face or not. It was a fun, messy, and delicious game!

If you’ve ever watched FaceOff on FX, you probably know who Tyler Green is. I didn’t know him until this weekend. At the Haunted Graveyard I entered a raffle and was 1 of 3 people chosen to get a “Zombie Makeover” by Tyler Green. It was interesting to say the least. The Haunted Graveyard itself was made up of 14 different “houses”…scary!

My brother wanted to go to his friend’s playoff football game so that’s what we did on his birthday. On the way home we had to bring his friend’s family since they needed a ride…I was sooo nice and volunteered to sit in the trunk of my mom’s jeep. I was squished to say the least.

My friend and I had agreed upon buying unicorn onesies and dressing up as them on Halloween. Since I was not going to be home for Halloween, we dressed up the night before. Why? Well, why not?! We also got to enjoy my brother’s ice cream cake…it was shaped like a football and had those chocolate cookie crumbles on the top!

So, it is safe to say that my weekend was a success. Remember, it’s the little things

The little things..

This weekend is my little brother’s 10th birthday.

This weekend is also Halloween Weekend.

For the last 3 months I have been planning on driving home to surprise my brother for his birthday. Some of my friends questioned me as to why I would give up a weekend of drinking to go home. Well, quite frankly, I would rather spend time with my family and surprise my little brother than spend a weekend struggling to remember the details of each night.

The drive from Plymouth to Connecticut usually takes me about 3 hours and 45 minutes. Not image1-1this time. It is easy to say that I experienced fall, winter, and spring all in one drive. 3 hours in a what felt like a blizzard, and another 3 hours in a down pour. It was all worth it when I got to my front door and saw my brother’s face full of shock and surprise.

The picture to the left was taken to show how tall Rj’s getting (I’m not that tall myself but still) I can’t take it! Also, photobombed my one of my dogs, Donnie.

The first surprise was me coming home. The second surprise will come tomorrow. My work, an amusement park in Bristol, CT, Lake Compounce, has a Haunted Graveyard, every year in Sept-October. I am going to bring RJ to that tomorrow. Its scary an almost like a maze that you have to walk around. I made him a little poem book that will hint at what the surprise is.

image2   image3image4

I hope he enjoys it! What better way than to celebrate the double-digits than getting your pants scared off of ya!?

I am so happy I came home this weekend, not having classes Monday or Friday really helped with me being able to come down and spend some quality time with the family.

Be happy, do something spontaneous, and know that it is okay to go against the social norms and not get drunk 3 nights in a row as a college student during “Halloweekend”. Remember, it is the little things that mean the most.